The importance of infills

Now your lashes are lasting well and you might think you can save some ££’s and post-pone your infill.

Now let me tell why this is not at all beneficial for you. 

The importance of infills

An infill is not only needed when your lashes are looking rather sparse, I in fact like to call it infill and maintenance. When WLR clients arrive to their regular appointments the process involves:

  • Deep cleanse: Fact is that although your are good at keeping your lashes clean, it is indeed very likely to have some stubborn makeup traces, dead skin cells that are hanging for their dear ‘dead’ life that you can’t see. My good lighting and being able to be so close allows me to see every little detail and therefore I can perform a deep cleanse, this will promote the health of your lashes, and best results since the new lashes will be applied to a squeaky clean canvas.

  • Outgrown lashes: Everyones lash cycle is different, some will grow faster than others. Sometimes we have phases were lashes grow so fast others they grow very slowly.  However there’s a safer distance between lashes and skin, when lashes grow and the base is more towards the tip this can cause the lash to become heavy. At the maintenance these lashes will be removed and they will be crowned with newly applied lashes.

  • New growth: We loose about 2-5 lashes per day due to the natural cycle. We have on average 150 to 200 or more lashes per eye, loosing 2 lashes per day, during 21days thats 42 lashes per eye. So that’s a significant amount of lashes. And ideally you will arrive with at least 50% of the lashes applied. Having into consideration that the outgrown lashes will have to be removed, the longer you leave the longer is the infill time required

Here’s a few reasons why you should not leave your infills for too long, understanding you personal experience it is a must ask your lash artist for guidance.

My recommendation is 2 weeks if your lashes have a faster growth, or if you have any other condition that causes you to loose more lashes, such as, oily skin and others. 3 weeks maximum otherwise.

Why not over 3 weeks?

By the three week mark you will loose a fair amount of lashes, there will be longer lashes that were once on the anagen phase and has grown to a telogen, putting the lash extension be at the very tip causing pressure, that lash must be removed and re-applied. When leaving for longer than 3, there’s a lot more maintenance required and sometimes it takes as long as new set!

So when booking your infills always think on how long it has been instead of how they look!

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Angela xx

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