Wispy lash room policies

  • Patch tests

    A patch test can be done before the eyelash extensions treatment upon request, however please bare in mind that the results may not be accurate. The allergic reaction may still occur, even if the patch test results were negative. We advise to book the treatment few days before an important event, in case of an allergic reaction.

    Please remember that an allergic reaction is something you can develop at any point while having your lashes done.

  • Before your appointment

    -Contact lenses MUST BE removed during lash applications. Please bring a lens case to store your lenses in during your appointment. I advise to bring your glasses.

    -Please disclose any eye conditions, injuries, medications or treatments used on/in or affecting the eye area in advance.

    -Please arrive with clean/makeup free eyes and lashes. Extra time spent cleaning your lashes will mean less time lashing. If you arrive after your scheduled appointment time, it may not be possible to extend the time available for your booked service; if your service is shortened due to your late arrival, you will still be charged the full cost of the service

    -Do not drink any energy drinks that might affect your opportunity to relax during your appointment.


    Please arrive unaccompanied. This included, specially children due to the work performed is very detail orientated and involves an extreme amount of concentration and focus. Please remember to arrive at your scheduled time, if you arrive earlier you might disturb someone else’s allocated time.


    Your appointments are very important to WLR, it is time reserved especially for you, we understand that sometimes times adjustments are necessary, therefore we respectfully request at least 48 business hour’s notice for cancellations.  Since the service is reserved for you personally, if less than 48 business hours notice will result in a charge equal to 50% (which is paid when booking) of the reserved service amount. If less than 24 hours notice full amount will be charged. No appointments made until this is cleared.


    Individual results may vary and are dependant on the length/volume of your natural lashes and on the type of extension you choose to have applied.

  • Infills

    Maintain your extensions with infills every 2-3weeks.

    if over 3.5 weeks, than a full set will be charged!


    I am happy to infill other lash artists work. However Its subject to analysis, the lashes will be assessed prior the start of the treatment and will only carry on if they have been properly isolated and they ensure your lash health. This will have a surcharge of £10. A consultation is mandatory.

  • Allergies

    If you experience an allergic reaction to any of the products used during a service, please contact us immediately for assistance in assessing the situation. If you’ve experienced allergic reactions to eyelash extensions in the past and think you may have an allergy to our products, please let us know before your appointment. A patch test can be administered prior to the appointment. Simply phone or email us with this request. *Refunds are not given for allergic reactions, however, we will remove the lashes free of charge. Eyelash adhesives contain cyanoacrylates. See our refund policy.


    You are paying for artist time, product and other expenses used to provide you with a service. No refunds will be given for services rendered. If you are unhappy with a service, you may contact us within 72hours of your appointment to discuss your concerns and if a fix can be done to address your concerns, it will be done so with a complimentary 30 minute express touch up if it is at the fault of application or product. Any concerns addressed after 72 hours of your last appointment, or if you failed to follow the proper aftercare instructions, will be charged at full price for the service.


    All prices are subject to change. All product purchases are final; no exchanges or refunds.


    Our minimum age requirement for services is 18 years of age.  


    As a courtesy, we will text/email and to remind you of your appointment. You will get several alerts to keep you informed so you don’t forget your scheduled appointment.  This also helps in case you need to reschedule. Please understand that it is your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times to avoid late arrivals, missed appointments and cancellation fees.


    Certain circumstances and seasons may leave you in a panic to squeeze in a last minute lash appointment that is outside of our normal business hours. After hours appointments may be available on a case by case basis for an additional £20 fee. Please contact us directly to schedule your after hours appointment.

    For any questions please use the contact provided.